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About Mia Tagano:

My first acting job was in the Fourth Grade Play.  I was the only Second Grader to be asked.  I memorized everyone’s lines. I knew I would be an actor.   

Odd, perhaps.  I was a shy girl from a tribe of poor but honest California farmers. It wasn’t until my Junior year in high school that I actually saw a play:  Annie. It changed my life. 

I earned a Masters in Theatre, moved to New York, toured with the Royal Shakespeare Company in England, and performed in scores of stage productions since.   

I’m Japanese, Armenian and German. 

I’m a vegetarian who eats fish.  (There’s a name for that, but it sounds pretentious.) 

I ran a marathon, just to see if I could.  

And,  I volunteer for a community group to improve my neighborhood. 

My 92-year-old grandmother is my best friend.  She teaches me to be in the moment. 

I agree with Bill Keane who said:  “The past is history, the future is a mystery and today is a gift”. 

I love reads that are real and authentic.  I can be exotic or homespun.  Perky or subdued.   Complex or straight-forward. 

And I believe in the power of voice to change people’s minds. 

Let’s work together. 


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